My Philosophy

Doula care has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce intervention rates, and encourage a birthing persons activity level allowing them to feel highly satisfied with their birth experiences and outcomes. As a Birth Doula, I can support busy providers and nurses by assisting them in helping birthing people attain their goals in birth. When emergencies arise, I am unwavering in my emotional support for families.


I believe in evidence based care, and will provide many resources if they are requested. My ultimate work is in supporting and honoring families in their choices during pregnancy, birth, and in the postpartum. I offer support, trouble shooting, and tips and tricks for the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. I will also assist with nutrition, self-care practices, baby wearing, co-sleeping, diapering, newborn care, and basic household duties while transitioning into life with a newborn, whether you are a brand new parent or a parent of many!


With an understanding of the baby blues and serious signs of depression, Doula care in the postpartum period is the first line of defense in providing references to mothers who may be struggling. I can offer suggestions  for nutritional and herbal support, and/or early referrals to mental health care providers which can be life saving for birthing people and their newborn babies. 

"A calm, loving, watchful presence protects the fragile harmony of birth; frantic coaching has never been part of nature's plan".
-Pam England
My Story

My journey into birth and postpartum work has been inspired along my own path to motherhood. My care for you is guided by my intuition, and is supported by my training with Birth Arts International, and a highly encouraging and inspiring Doula Mentorship with The Birthing Tree. I believe strongly in compassionate support based on evidence, and will dive deep to find the best ways to attend to birthing people and their families during this profound time of transformation. I aim to assist in cultivating emotional conversations based in strength and empowerment through attentive listening, tenderness, and by offering tools for balanced self-care. Doula support is a wonderful tool for supporting partners and families during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. Birth is a sacred time to welcome a child, and includes a passage for the entire family into the realm of parenthood.

All of my offerings come with a free 30-minute consultation.

My Training
Adult-Child-Infant CPR, First Aid, & Choking Safety Certified
200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga by Julia, Albuquerque, NM

Certified Birth Doula

Birth Arts International

Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Arts International


CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator

Sheaffer is such a warm and kind person, and she makes you feel as if you’ve been friends for years. She was so knowledgeable and also very supportive and nonjudgmental about my choices that I made for my pregnancy and birth experience. During my labor and birth, she was attentive and helpful, and she helped me make important decisions by informing me about my options and the risks and benefits of each option. I will definitely ask her to be my doula for my next baby! -Scarlett

Sheaffer Palermo Birth & Postpartum Doula

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